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Our Why

Hey there! I'm the owner, Zana! A loving wife, dog mom, and Oncology Trained Licensed Esthetician. I got my passion for skincare because someone was brave enough to introduce me to the world of Mary Kay Cosmetics. After about a year of working my small business, the word Esthetician popped up in a dream. You know those dreams that wake you up in the middle of the night or those ideas that wake you up? Yeah, that was it. LOL! I brushed it off and went back to sleep, but that very morning I had a hair appointment. My stylist asked me about a Mary Kay product and I began to tell her about it, and what do you know. She says, "You know what you would be good at? Being an Esthetician." There's that word again! From there the rest was history. I enrolled in school, got my license, started working immediately after graduating, and perfecting my craft. Daily, I work on my skills, educate myself, and get myself certified in the services I want to provide. My ultimate goal is to have IkonicBee Studios be your one stop shop for all your self-care needs.

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Taking care of skin barriers while breaking belief barriers. I want every woman to love their skin again. To be more confident in their skin. To help guide others in finding their passion and finding their self-love. I want everyone who enters my space to leave better than when they came in.


To create opportunity for young women, like I was, to learn a new skillset, have mentorship, create grants and jobs. I wish someone would have taught me that I didn't have to attend a 4 year university in order to be successful. My passion has always been helping others, and I am doing just that.

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